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April 19, 2016

Kerry Properties has announced that it will once again proudly present the Mega Ice Hockey 5’s as it marks its ninth anniversary in 2016, with over 1,200 players from nearly 80 teams and 13 countries and cities participating, re-confirming the tournament’s status as the largest and most competitive ice hockey competition in Asia. 1,200 skilled players from Canada, France, Germany, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Japan, Kaohsiung, Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, Thailand, Tianjin, Wuhan will compete in the 2016 tournament.

Fans can enjoy fierce ice hockey action on sports live broadcast channel and Mega Ice Hockey 5’s YouTube channel this year.

  • Youth Divisions: 25 Apr - 30 Apr 2016
  • Adult Divisions: 2 May - 7 May 2016